Cone Penetration Testing

Get an accurate representation of soil type with Geocivil’s CPT rigs.

Geocivil was the first company to bring IANZ accredited CPT (Cone PenetrationTesting) technology in New Zealand. Geocivil’s CPT operations are one of the few in NZ to have acquired the IANZ accredited status providing you with high quality and reliable data on which you can count.

Our modern equipment is capable of accessing sites with limited working space. The rigs are specifically engineered to combine both compact design and ease of setup, meaning rapid setup times, saving time and expense for our clients.

We can match our cones to the ground conditions utilising sensitive cones for soft profiles, and robust, high capacity cones where dense and/or gravelly conditions are expected.

The rigs have centrally mounted push rams, utilising the rigs full mass as reactive force which translate in less ground anchoring. The rigs can be fitted with two different soil anchors; a large diameter anchor for soft clays, slits and sands, and a continuous flight anchor for dense and gravelly soils. This ensures we have minimal anchoring failure during soundings.

Pushtube sampling available for disturbed and undisturbed samples up to 66mm.

 Our CPT rigs include:

CPT1: LWC100 “Tiny”

  • Rubber track mounted with retractable tracks (down to 800mm wide)
  • Lightweight – less than 1.8 ton fully loaded
  • Compact design – total operational area only 2.6m x 1.7m
  • Push tube sampling capable


CPT2: LWC200 “Bessy”

  • Rubber track mounted – 1.3m track width
  • 3.2 ton mass – less anchoring required
  • Push tube sampling capable
  • 20 ton push capacity

Complimentary services:

  • Hand auger
  • Scale penetrometer