GEOCIVIL performs the key tests used to determine the material characteristics and properties of aggregate materials at every stage of your projects.

You can expect compaction and quality control testing of aggregates in accordance with NZS4407, ASTM D5874 and RTA T276.

Aggregate testing services include:

  • Sampling and seconded sampling
  • Window sampling
  • Test pits
  • Water content
  • Clay index, plasticity index and sand equivalent
  • Broken faces content
  • Particle size distribution
  • Benkelman Beam Deflection Measurements
  • Crushing resistance, weathering resistance and cleanness value
  • Solid density
  • Laboratory CBR
  • Foreign materials in recycled crushed concrete

Contact us to find out more about how aggregate testing can help you comply with regulations and optimise your designs to warrant the best quality pavements.