Laboratory Services

GEOCIVIL has been providing laboratory services to contractors (building, construction and roading), engineering consultant, quarries and insurers for over 30 years.

Our IANZ accredited labs deliver accurate and rapid turn-around of test results and detailed reports that will suit your needs.

In addition, our labs offer a comprehensive test range providing you quality assurance for the next phase of your projects.

We are setup for Expansive soil tests such as Liquid limit, linear shrinkage and Shrink swell index to assist in meeting NZ building code requirements and providing data for classifying highly expansive soils.

Range of lab testing services include:

  • Laboratory CBR
  • Laboratory Compaction testing – NZ standards, heavy and vibrating hammer compaction tests
  • Atterberg limits and linear shrinkage testing 
  • Shrink Swell index for expansive soils - AS1289
  • Particle size distribution