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Taipa Bridge Replacement Project

Taipa Bridge Replacement Project

Construction of the bridge embankment adjacent to the existing Taipa bridge is nearing completion. Geocivil has been involved in the Geotechnical and construction monitoring testing from the early days of the project.

During the initial Geotechnical investigations, Geocivil carried out CPT testing to determine the engineering properties of the soils under the new bridge.  Information from this testing has been crucial in gaining a thorough understanding of the underlying soil behaviour. This information is utilised during the design phase and help to ensure its foundations will withstand the loads applied.

The CPTu testing has several advantages over the traditional core drilling methods in fine soils, such as increased accuracy of profiling, speed of operation, and continuous soil profile, which ultimately translate in reduced costs. Geocivil was the first company in New Zealand to gain IANZ accreditation for CPTu testing. IANZ accredited status provides assurance to our customers that our methods follow international best practice and is the “gold standard” for laboratory quality assurance.

The objectives of NZTA’s Taipa bridge project are to improve safety, enhance the township and landscaping opportunities whilst limiting impact on the coastal marine environment. 

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CPTu - Taipa Bridge Replacement Project